December 8, 2021

New call masking feature available with MH-CURE by Mobile Heartbeat


Beginning Dec. 14, a new feature will be available in MH-CURE by Mobile Heartbeat that will allow those who use the app on their personal devices to “mask” the phone number from which they are calling. While call masking was previously available to Doximity users, it is now available to all MH-CURE users who have the app on their personal (BYOD) device (including housestaff and advanced practitioners).

The new feature allows users to create up to five (5) custom caller ID numbers that will mask personal phone numbers when placing and returning calls. Once a custom caller ID is created, calls placed from MH-CURE will display the custom caller ID number to the recipient instead of a personal phone number. Personal phone numbers will remain secure and hidden from the call recipient.

Please note the following:

  • Call masking is now available when placing calls directly from a clinical page received in MH-CURE
  • Workflows for placing calls directly from a patient’s chart will remain the same
  • Call masking is not available to MH-CURE users who rely on shared devices, such as iPhones deployed on nursing units

For more details, please refer to the Workflow Bulletin “Using Custom Caller ID in Mobile Heartbeat – ‘MH-Cure’.