December 13, 2021

eStar updates and changes: Changes to PEWS columns and PEWS reports

On Dec. 15, existing PEWS columns will be retired and replaced. In addition, a new PEWS Report will be available to wrench in and will replace the existing PEWS report. This change will affect MD, nursing and pediatric areas.

Patient lists associated with PEW Score will be retired and unavailable. The PEWS Score/Score Change/ Last Reviews column will be replaced with a new Last Pews Score column. This column will display the last PEW Score taken within 12 hours. The column will be blank if no score has been documented in the last 12 hours. Users with more than 25 columns may need to add the Last PEWS Score column. An error message will appear if users are unable to add Last PEWS Score.

The new PEWS report will be available to wrench in. PEWS Total Score can be added to Physician/Nursing Overview report and can be viewed as a graph. IP Vital Graph report will include PEWS. The Physician index report can to link to new PEWS report. Users who previously customized reports prior to the update, will need to wrench in the new report.