December 13, 2021

VUMC’s Kronos timekeeping system impacted through global ransomware attack

Through a ransomware attack, Kronos, a global provider of timekeeping services used by VUMC and other corporations, is experiencing an international service outage.

Due to robust IT security measures VUMC is not a victim itself of this attack and no employee sensitive data has been breached. However, the attack on Kronos is currently affecting VUMC’s employee timekeeping operations, including the functions of its time clocks and web application. It is anticipated based on information published by Kronos that this outage could extend multiple weeks.

Time clocks were shut down at approximately 5 p.m. yesterday and those clocks have ceased to be operational. The Kronos web application is already unavailable.

While the Kronos system is down, VUMC will use a manual timekeeping process until the system can be safely brought back online. VUMC managers will manually gather hours worked and PTO from employees who have worked since second shift since Saturday, Dec. 11 when VUMC was first notified of a potential issue.

VUMC’s focus and strong commitment is to make sure that all employees are paid in a timely manner, and on their normal schedule.

Further updates on the Kronos outage and restart timetable will be provided as officials learn more. In the meantime, should you have questions or concerns please contact your VUMC manager.