January 3, 2022

Nominate a staff or faculty member for the Martin Luther King Jr. Award

The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Award will be presented Monday, Jan. 17 to a faculty or staff member in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, or Medical Center who truly emulates the principles of Martin Luther King Jr. through his or her work. This service can be in areas related to creating a better understanding between people of different cultures, working to enhance the economic and health status of individuals, and/or fostering a diverse and inclusive community at Vanderbilt symbolic of Dr. King’s teachings.

The award will be presented at the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture during the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday celebration. A committee of individuals from the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing will serve as judge for the award.

Please nominate someone you know for their special contributions to Vanderbilt. Please include in your packet: your name and email, nominee’s name, email, department, and a statement on why you are nominating this person. Nomination deadline is Wednesday, Jan. 12.

Please email your nominee packet to:

Lashonda Moore, the program manager at the VUMC Office for Diversity Affairs: Lashonda.m.moore@vumc.org