January 10, 2022

VUMC employees encouraged to prepare for weather and other issues impacting workplace operations

Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Nashville had its first taste of winter weather last week with the arrival of 5 to 7 inches of snow throughout Middle Tennessee. Because VUMC remains operational 24/7, 365 days a year, when inclement winter weather is forecasted, as this event was, or in anticipation of potential childcare issues caused by sudden school closings or COVID, please plan ahead in order to meet work obligations.

We greatly appreciate the effort our workforce makes to continue to care for our patients no matter the weather or other circumstances.

Childcare Resources Available: 

  • Care.com offers Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees backup in-home childcare and adult care at a subsidized rate based on your income. (See below for the tiered copay structure). You may use up to a combined total of 20 calendar days of adult care and/or childcare per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).
  •  More information can be found at https://hr.vumc.org/cfc under the ‘backup childcare’ tab.
  • The Vanderbilt Sitter Service links parents to Vanderbilt University students who offer their childcare services. Click here to search.

Weather Related Guidance:

  • Leaders should take notice of VUMC’s inclement weather policies, which provide guidance on attendance during inclement weather as we deliver on our promise to remain open at all times. Fortunately, VUMC employees make a tremendous effort to get to work no matter the weather conditions to ensure that our patients and colleagues can rely on our services. We have plans in place for the safety of VUMC faculty, staff and house staff during periods of inclement weather.The full details of the policy can be viewed on Policy Tech.