January 12, 2022

ExpeditionTech PrinterLogic initiative brings simplified printing capabilities to VUMC

To support the ExpeditionTech program and VUMC’s enterprise migration to more modern and secure technology, the ExpeditionTech team will convert existing VUMC IT-managed printers to PrinterLogic, for both clinical and administrative systems in the coming weeks.

The rollout impacts all VUMC IT-managed printers, as well as both shared and stand-alone workstations with current mapping to a printer.

The move to PrinterLogic will:

  • Establish an enterprise print management solution for VUMC
  • Help every VUMC workforce member get easier access to printing
  • Enable easy management of printers from your workstation
  • Ensure Azure-Active Directory joined Windows 10 devices maintain existing print capabilities

Timeline for PrinterLogic rollout:

  • Migrations started in late 2021 with enterprise deployment expected by identified groups throughout 2022.
    • See the PrinterLogic Rollout Schedule to determine when your area is moving.
  • See the Enterprise Print Management & PrinterLogic Overview document for an overview of the initiative, what to expect, and workforce benefits.

If you experience an issue with your printer, contact the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357) or submit a Pegasus Ticket to https://pegasus.vumc.org.