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What you should know as Microsoft retires support for the Windows 7 operating system

Jan. 12, 2022, 11:01 AM

Microsoft is no longer supporting their outdated Windows 7 operating system. To ensure the security of our workstations and in support of the broader ExpeditionTech Program, VUMC IT and Vanderbilt Enterprise Cybersecurity are migrating all workstations to the Windows 10 operating system. As a result, all workstations running Windows 7 are impacted.

Effective immediately, Windows 7 workstations can no longer connect to the VPN

The F5 VPN service is no longer supporting Windows 7 workstations; therefore, it is a security risk to allow them to connect to our network. Beginning immediately, workstations running the Windows 7 system will be unable to connect to the VUMC network using the virtual private network (VPN) service.

Windows 7 workstations should be upgraded to Windows 10

Beginning in January of 2022, VUMC IT will begin replacing the last identified administrative workstations currently running Windows 7.

VUMC IT has already completed the upgrade of clinical workstations (CWS) to Windows 10.

What you should do next

  • Determine which operating system your workstation is running by answering these questions.
    • Schedule some time to work with one of our team members and replace your system if your questions indicate that you have a Windows 7 device.
  • If your workstation is not centrally managed (by VUMC IT), contact your Independent Support Provider (ISP) for guidance on completing the upgrade process before June 30, 2022.

Assistance and support

  • If you are having a Windows 7 connectivity issue and your workstation is not centrally managed, the VUMC IT Help Desk will be unable to provide other assistance until the operating system is upgraded.
  • Review the Workstation Modernization one-page overview to find out more about the initiative
  • Email the team at if you have any questions about the initiative.

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