January 17, 2022

eStar updates and changes: Jan. 18, 2022


Changes for when patients can start their MHAV telehealth visits

Beginning Jan. 19, any patient with telehealth visits scheduled in MHAV may only start their telehealth visits within fifteen minutes before their scheduled appointment time.

This update helps prevent patients from accidentally starting a telehealth visit at the wrong time when they have a series of scheduled telehealth visits. It will also reduce the risk of patients logging into their MHAV account, starting a telehealth visit early, and then forgetting to stay active in their MHAV account to also keep the telehealth visit active. Inactivity results in an automatic timeout on the MHAV website and disconnection from a telehealth visit awaiting the clinician’s arrival.

Patients may notice the new time restriction and ask what this change means or requires on their behalf. Patients can still complete their telehealth Pre-Visit up to three days before their scheduled appointment time.


Medicare Inpatient Only Procedure Warning

As of Jan. 12, a new warning will be displayed if a patient has Medicare insurance and the Patient Class being ordered is Same Day Procedure and the procedure being scheduled is on the Medicare Inpatient Only list.

  • Providers entering case request for Medicare beneficiaries will encounter the warning when ordered procedure is on MIO list and the patient class is entered as Same Day Procedure instead of Inpatient or Surgery admit
  • When these procedures are performed, patient status must be inpatient, regardless of patient’s length of stay in hospital


ICE Procedure Images in Sectra

As of Jan. 5, Images from Intra-Cardiac Echocardiography (ICE) procedures can be viewed in Sectra. This will require orders to be added when placing case request or adding the order to procedure panel during intra-procedure. The change will affect procedural cardiologists and intraprocedural Cath Lab nurses. Adding ICE to procedure prior to capturing images ensures images are viewable in Sectra.

  • Providers: If known prior to the case being scheduled, add the ICE procedure when creating a case request
  • Nurses: If the procedure is not part of the procedure panel during Intra-procedure, add ICE to the Procedures section within the Procedures tab of the Procedure Log
  • Both procedures will appear in the same panel


In Basket Updates

Beginning Jan. 19, In Basket users will see changes in My Last Note, cosign orders, and Pending Medication Requests.

My Last Note will match the last note display from the Ambulatory Snapshot report. This will allow users to see more relevant information. The updated My Last Note functionality will appear in most frequently used In Basket message types. The three new sections will include:

  • ‘My last note’ which will display the last item documented for a patient
  • ‘Patient’s last relevant note from my specialty’ which will display the last note written by someone in specialty (including self if you were the latest author)
  • ‘My last Office/Hospital note’ which will display last office or hospital note documented for patient, including attestations (this might match the last relevant specialty note if you were the latest author)

Cosign orders will show a new diagnosis column that will be added to the message display. This will provide consistency with other In Basket folders and consolidate redundant content headers.

Protocol Details for pended medication requests will be viewable within Rx Request folders.

  • Protocol Details can be viewed within the encounter
  • Select ‘This Comm’ tab on the encounter sidebar
  • Click on Protocol Details