January 23, 2022

IRS W-2 wage and tax statements to be mailed soon; available online Jan. 31

2021 Form W-2s, IRS Wage and Tax Statements, will be mailed this week to the most recent mailing address on file. Note that the Kronos outage had no impact on your 2021 W-2.

Forms W-2 will also be available electronically on Jan. 31, for active employees in C2HR. In C2HR, click on the link for “Taxes” in the right sidebar. The online version of the W-2 tax form has the same information as the mailed W-2.

For help with understanding your W-2 tax form, see How to Read Your W-2 Form. There is also a W2 calculator on the HR website for you to use. Please note that, per IRS requirements, 403b amounts shown in Box 12 include only voluntary contributions to the plan and do not include mandatory contributions to your 403b.

Questions?Contact the Employee Service Center at 343-7000 or human.resources.vumc@vumc.org.