January 26, 2022

Cell and Developmental Biology symposium hosts three speakers, Jan. 31

Cell and Developmental Biology will host three seminars from noon-4 p.m. from leading researchers on their research. The symposium will be in-person in 1220 MRBIII and available via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 944 6880 9166     Passcode: 597521


12:15 p.m. Shaohe Wang, Ph.D., Kenneth Yamada Lab, NIDCR presents: “Shaping organs via dynamic cell and matrix interactions”1:30 p.m. Allison Bond, Ph.D., Hongjun Song Lab: presents: “Developmental Establishment of Adult Neural Stem Cells”2:45 p.m. Bobby Bowman, Ph.D., Ross Levine Lab: presents: Modeling and targeting clonal evolution in hematopoietic transformation”