February 2, 2022

SECTRA imaging system tools upgrade coming Feb. 27

On Feb. 27, changes are coming to SECTRA’s suite of imaging system tools, including:

  • Uniview and the embedded eStar viewer
  • IDS7 (SECTRA’s “thick” client)
  • Tomtec (used by Cardiology)

This will be VUMC’s first upgrade since implementing SECTRA in the fall of 2020. Upgrades will occur annually in the future.

Many of the new features will mean that SECTRA users may no longer have to log into IDS7 and can instead use the eStar-integrated Uniview application to perform many tasks, reducing the number of necessary software tools. Some of these new features in Uniview include:

  • Viewing radiology worklists
  • Seeing examination, request and patient properties
  • Navigating to cursor commands
  • Updated image symbols

Users of the IDS7 “thick” client will also see some updated features and functionality:

  • New two-part toolbox
  • More consistent series and navigation orders
  • More intuitive patient banner displays
  • Quick filters for switching worklists
  • Better thumbnail views

Vanderbilt employees who use these tools should visit the training links below:

As part of the upgrade, a downtime is expected to occur from midnight to 6 a.m. on Feb. 27. During the downtime, the web-based version of SECTRA will be available for viewing images (available under “Web Resources” within eStar).

Downtime Instructions

  • Look for the “ VUMC Web Resources” icon on the eStar desktop; double-click the icon
  • Search (or scroll) to “Sectra Downtime Viewer” and double-click the link
  • SECTRA’s business continuity version of Uniview will open. Log in with your VUMC credentials. Search for your exam either by name, MRN or ACC# to view images. Please note: the downtime viewer of SECTRA only houses 15 to 30 days’ worth of images (more likely will be 15 days of history). Historical images will be available once downtime is over and the upgrade is complete.

For more information, please visit our website at https://healthit.vumc.org/sectra-upgrade