February 14, 2022

eStar updates and changes, Feb. 15, 2022


Real-time Prescribing Benefits

Beginning Feb. 16, all prescribers will be able to view a new display of real-time prescription benefit cost estimates. Prescribers will see medication costs including copay amounts, prior authorization status, and alternative options.

When the pharmacy benefits plan is selected in Verify RX Benefits and an outpatient medication order is placed, prescribers may select Options and see Patient Estimate. The pop-up bar may be displayed if prior authorization is required or if there are suggested alternatives.

Primary coverages must be selected in Verify Rx Benefits. Formulary information when selecting a medication is plan-specific not patient specific.

Sticky note column available within In Basket

Beginning Feb. 16, In Basket users will see a new column to view personal sticky notes. Sticky note text will appear when a message is selected. Users may hover to see full contents of sticky notes. Sticky notes cannot be edited within In Basket and users will need to open charts to make edits. Users may customize In Basket folder columns to rearrange and hide columns by selecting wrench