February 28, 2022

VUMC application migration, the next step in ExpeditionTech, now underway

ExpeditionTech has begun the multi-year migration of VUMC applications and their related components from directories shared with Vanderbilt University (VU) to the VUMC directory. This includes servers, databases, security groups, resource accounts and file shares, and impacts more than 700 applications.

While most application migrations should occur without significant impact to the workforce, certain applications have an extensive user base and once migrated will require a new login procedure. Users of these applications can expect to receive necessary instructions, support information and expected blackout dates in advance of each migration date.

Please review the Applications Look Up Tool at https://www.vumc.org/it/et-applookup to learn if your applications of interest are scheduled for migration.

Initiative Resources

  • For more information about the Application migration, visit the ExpeditionTech Program Navigator and select “Applications” (https://www.vumc.org/it/expedition-tech).
  • If you have questions or concerns not addressed by the website, please email applications@vumc.org
  • To thank you for reading this article all the way through, email applications@vumc.org for a chance to win an ExpeditionTech swag package!