March 9, 2022

Updates announced to My Health at Vanderbilt applications for pediatric and diminished capacity patients

As of March 2, 2022, there are updates to the My Health at Vanderbilt (MHAV) application forms for pediatric and diminished capacity patients. These changes are necessary to help improve the ease of use of applications for MHAV pediatric and proxy accounts.

The changes will impact all employees who process MHAV applications for patients under the age of 13, aged 13-17, or of diminished capacity adults.

An overview of changes is below:

  • For all pediatric patient applications:
    • Append Patient Identifier fields with “Teen/” and “Preteen/”
    • Add City/State/ZIP to Address field
    • Expand options for Relation to Child field
    • Updated submission instructions
    • Updates to “FOR CLINIC USE ONLY” box
      • Clarified requirement for government-issued photo ID
      • Clarified need for Full Name and Full Signature
      • Removed option for campus mail
  • For patients aged 13-17 applications:
    • Removed “FOR CLINIC USE ONLY” on Page 1
    • Moved provider signature section to Page 2
    • Updated submission instructions
  • For adult patients of diminished capacity
    • Added City/State/ZIP to Address field
    • Updated legal document language
    • Updated submission instructions
  • All changes above also reflected in Spanish versions of MHAV applications
  • Newly created Arabic versions are also now available

Users should destroy all existing paper copies of current MHAV application forms for pediatric and diminished capacity patients. It is best practice to print MHAV applications directly from MedEx at check-in/registration.