March 21, 2022

Improved tool for managing provider time away launches

Beginning the week of March 21, a new and improved tool for managing provider time away will launch. Now known as “Time Away,” the improved application has many helpful new features, including:

  • Enter multiple time off requests with fewer clicks, as ‘Submit Another’ feature maintains information in the form
  • Input requests for recurring periods or days (note: recurring requests require approval)
  • Make multiple requests for the same day
  • Limits requests for available templates

 What you need to know:

  • Use this NEW link to access the updated Time Away Application:
    • Users will need to connect to VUMC Wi-Fi or the VPN
    • Update your bookmarks with this link
  • All future requests from the current tool will be migrated over to the new tool. No one will need to work in multiple systems.
  • Departmental administrators will provide more instruction on choosing the correct recipient group(s) for your area. These groups comprise the individuals who approve time away requests and will reschedule impacted patients.
  • Review provided resources:

One employee, who has been part of an early-stage user group for the improved tool, recently remarked, “I did want to say thank you for these improvements. The reoccurring function that is being added is so needed for the new provider blocks, pump breaks, providers leaving, etc. … Thank you so much for making our jobs easier, greatly appreciated. I love updated software!”