April 12, 2022

Bring unconscious bias, workplace inclusion training to your department, team

Educational sessions designed to start the dialogue about cultural competency in the workplace as well as internal reflection techniques to counter and reduce unconscious bias and harassment are available to book through the Office of Inclusion and Health Equity (OIHE). The OIHE was established at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in 2011 and expanded to include Vanderbilt University Hospital and the enterprise in 2018.

The OIHE provides faculty and staff across the Medical Center, including regional clinics and hospitals, with access to an expansive evidence-based training curriculum, designed to promote an environment of cultural sensitivity, awareness, and inclusion.

Courses are delivered in-person, online, or via self-directed virtual modules, and are open to all VUMC faculty, staff, and trainees. Continuing Education (CE) or Professional Development (PD) credits are available for specific courses.

 For details about the listed programs, learning objectives and how to get in touch with the OIHE, please visit https://www.vumc.org/oihe/curriculum.


Coming in May

“We’re not speaking the same language:” Recognizing Bias in our work with Limited English Speakers

Time- 45 minutes

Format- in-person


Education sessions available for enrollment

Unconscious Bias: “No, Not Me!”

Time- 50- 60 minutes

Format- in-person or virtual


Everyday Bias in Health Care

Time- 2 hours

Format- in-person or virtual


Cultural Competency: Quality Interactions “RESCUE” Module

Time- 50 minutes

Format- self-directed online module


The Big Decision: Bias in Hiring Practices

Time- 1 hour

Format- in-person


Respect at Work: Eliminating Sexual Harassment

Time- 50- 60 minutes

Format- self-directed online module


Specialized Group Trainings

*Consultation to determine group needs


Consultative Services

Time- Varies

Format- Grand Rounds, MM&I, Leadership meetings, etc.


Let’s Talk- Various topics that impact inclusion and equity practice in healthcare, e.g., Microaggressions, Psychological Safety, Difficult Conversations, Inclusive Language

Time- 15- 45 minutes

Format- Round table, lunch and learns, etc.


Refresher “Booster Shot” Course

*Limited to VUMC search committees


Strategic Planning Session

Time- Based on identified needs

Format- in-person or virtual


Respect at Work: Partners in Respect (PiR)

Time- 1 hour

Format- virtual
(Note- Offered through the Learning Exchange)


OIHE Percipio Channel

Time- Varies

Format- self-directed online modules


For additional information regarding course objectives and applicable credits, or to register for a course, please visit the OIHE website curriculum page: https://www.vumc.org/oihe/curriculum.