April 26, 2022

VUMC to assign workplace violence prevention training

All Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees and providers will be assigned the training “Workplace Violence Prevention Overview” in the Learning Exchange with a June 15 due date.

The Joint Commission has noted that workplace violence rates are on the rise nationally and has made changes to their education requirements on this topic. The VUMC Workplace Violence Prevention Steering Committee reviewed literature for evidence-based best practice and current VUMC policies and SOPs regarding workplace violence to create education to keep the VUMC workforce safe and meet TJC standards.

This training includes a brief overview of workplace violence prevention and available resources throughout VUMC to respond to incidents and provide staff support. The goal is to increase prevention, improve recognition, and reduce the risk of violence in the workplace

The training will be assigned on May 2, and to access the training go to the Learning Exchange through this link and then search “WPV.”