May 11, 2022

Courtyard Cafe adds new menu items, moves Fried Chicken Day

The Courtyard Café has some new offerings and some updates on scheduling. This information was provided by Heather Steele, director of retail food service in Nutrition Management:

Starting on May 18, Fried Chicken Day will be moving to Wednesdays.  We are going to feature different Sodexo food concepts throughout the week that will allow for quite a bit more variety.  Below is a list of the concepts we intend to offer and a brief description of each:

Spuds – Spuds allows guests to mix and match their favorite cooked potato with toppings to create the perfect loaded and layered meal.  With global and regional flavors and ingredients guests can build a potato entrée that features protein, cheese, hot and cold fresh veggies, sauces, flavored butters, toppings, and garnishes.

Chef’s Table – Featuring comfort foods and familiar ingredients with a mix of innovative and upscale choices that offer a variety of options including hot entrees, sides, vegetables and many healthy options.

Marinara – Marinara offers the most popular pasta shapes, fresh and roasted vegetables, meats, and a delicious array of speed-scratch sauces to offer a tasty twist on traditional pasta.

Arepas – Arepas are made with a ground maize dough and loaded with toppings and are found prominently in Central and South American cuisine.  Guest’s will have a choice of chicken, black bean, shrimp or beef and traditional cold toppings like queso fresco, guacamole, and pickled red onions.  This delicious station offers guests an easy-to-eat food with bold Latin flavors.

Spice Market – Fragrant spices.  Rich curries.  Surprising sauces.  Spice Market captures authentic Indian flavors in a menu that features traditional and contemporary choices, created especially for guests who love adventure.

BBQ Nation – BBQ Nation delivers authentic American barbecue flavor that are guests are all familiar with. 

District Dogs – Nation’s Hot Dogs features all-beef Hebrew National brand hot dogs topped with a variety of regional American flavors.  We’ll be featuring the Coney Island Dog, Chicago Dog, Sonoran Dog, and New York Dog to start us out.