May 16, 2022

eStar Updates and Changes

New requirements for outpatient antimicrobial prescriptions

Beginning May 18, providers prescribing outpatient antimicrobial medications will see new requirements for indications on outpatient antimicrobial prescriptions. This will assist in improving outpatient antimicrobial stewardship.

Adult and Peds P&T and VUMC Antimicrobial subcommittees approved the requirement that indications be listed for outpatient antibiotic prescriptions. This replicates current processes followed in inpatient settings. Tracking indications allow for more accurate data analysis, feedback on antibiotic use, and duration guidance based on selected indication in the future.

When prescribing outpatient antimicrobials select the most appropriate indication or choose “Other” to enter a free-text indication.


Updates for real-time prescription benefits (RTPB)

Beginning May 18, prescribers will see updated thresholds for RTPB. External formulary dynamic alternatives will also be disabled and replaced by RTPB. This will assist in identifying more opportunities for price savings for patients and provide more patient-specific alerting to providers.

Prescribers may see a pop-up when signing that displays a PA is required or that lists potential alternatives. Alternatives may display if patient is saving $0.20/day or more.

At signing, eStar will try to obtain patient-specific information through real-time prescribing benefits price estimates. Because RTPB is patient-specific, the alternatives recommended are not the same recommended for other patients.  Alternatives are provided by the pharmacy payer plan, always use clinical judgment for appropriateness if selecting an alternative.