May 16, 2022

PolicyTech All Access

PolicyTech users now have access to policies at Vanderbilt Health’s six hospital sites. Each site has location-specific content items that include policies, SOPs, and other content to support hospital operations. As a reminder, PolicyTech access requires a VUnet ID and e-password to login.

Accessing a different site is simple:

  1. Use dropdown to view site options.
  2. Click the site you want.
  3. View Polices and SOPs.

It is that easy. For more details visit PolicyTech Job Aid – Site Selection.

All PolicyTech content is the proprietary property of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and is confidential and privileged. Content may not be disclosed outside of the organization in any form (e.g., PDFs, screenshots, or other means of information sharing) unless specifically authorized by Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Office of Legal Affairs and/or the Office of Risk and Insurance Management. Please submit requests for sharing policies to