May 17, 2022

A message to the VUMC community

To the people of VUMC,

With the sad news of two mass shootings at opposite sides of the country — in Buffalo, New York, and Laguna Woods, California — we are once again experiencing the terrible human cost of hate crimes. With 11 people killed and more than 8 injured in these horrific shootings, we grieve for the families of these victims.

According to the FBI, hate crimes are at the highest level in more than a decade.  Beyond the tragic consequences for the victims and families, these violent acts may trigger anxiety and fear, especially for people of color and immigrants. As an institution committed to the health and well-being of all people, Vanderbilt University Medical Center not only condemns these acts of violence but renews its call for our communities and national leaders to confront the forces of hate, while promoting peace, healing and unity.

We recognize that incidents like these have spillover effects on the mental health of members of our Medical Center community, and individuals identifying with the groups targeted in these hate crimes may be particularly impacted. Please reach out to the Employee Assistance Program of Work/Life Connection or your supervisor for support.