May 27, 2022

eStar updates and changes, May 31, 2022

COVID-19 vaccine auto reconciliation 

Beginning June 1, external COVID-19 immunization administrations received from registries will be automatically reconciled and visible in a patient’s chart. This will maintain accuracy of patient records and increase workflow efficiency. All eStar users will be impacted.

COVID-19 immunization administrations will be visible alongside locally documented immunizations. This will eliminate the need for manual reconciliation. External immunization cannot be edited but can be deleted if needed.

COVID-19 immunization administrations are not included in documents sent to other organizations

If additional information about an immunization is received from an outside source, the information will automatically append to the documentation in the patient chart.


New unsaved FWD button

As of May 25, all In Basket users will see a new “unsaved FWD” button added to MHAV and RX Request folders.

The “unsaved FWD” button can be used to easily forward messages from pools without creating a new QuickNote. Message content sent through “unsaved FWD” is only transiently available in a chart and will be deleted 60 days after message is marked as done.

Users should not include content in “unsaved FWD” communication that is intended to be saved in a chart or that could be used for care. QuickNote should be used for patient care communications to allow users to access relevant communications related to patient care.


Colonoscopy order preference list update

As of May 16, CPT codes for Screening Colonoscopy Case Request and Diagnostic Colonoscopy Case Request have been updated to comply with Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN). This change will avoid Medicare ABN warning for Medicare patients and ensure ordering compliance. All providers ordering screening or diagnostic colonoscopies for VUH and OHO will be impacted.

Screening Colonoscopy Case Request (CPT code G0121) will be used for screening colonoscopy (and polyp surveillance). Diagnostic Colonoscopy Case Request (CPT code 45378) will be used when ordering colonoscopy for diagnostic purposes (i.e., ICD-10 codes for abdominal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.). These case requests can be used for any patient regardless of insurance status.

Steps to update your preference list:

  • In the upper right corner, search for “preference list composer”
  • Delete current Colonoscopy Case Requests for OHO or VUH by selecting the order and clicking “Remove Item”
  • Create a new favorite by clicking “New Item”
  • When the composer opens, search for “Screening Colonoscopy” and select the appropriate order
  • Enter the appropriate name, CPT code and order details then select “Accept & New Item”
  • Repeat steps for “Diagnostic Colonoscopy” and remember to add one for OHO and VUH

If any colonoscopy case requests are favorited in Preference List, an update to new colonoscopy case request should be performed to avoid confusion.

This update is for VUH and OHO locations only. Other locations will have a slightly different workflow. Please contact an administrator for details.