June 8, 2022

MyWorkday video series presents: What’s Happening with Delegation

The MyWorkday project will affect many of VUMC’s current HR, Supply Chain, and Financial systems.  Tune in to the What’s Happening? series of videos. In just 90 seconds, you will learn more about how MyWorkday will help us all work even more efficiently and effectively.

In Workday, Delegation allows other designated users to temporarily perform specific processes on your behalf. On PTO, FMLA, or any number of reasons you cannot perform your typical WorkDay duties? No problem. Workday offers flexibility and has you covered. Click here to learn more about what’s happening with Delegation in Workday.

Much more information will be available as we get closer to the MyWorkday go-live in Fall 2022.  Visit https://vumc.org/myworkday for more information on the project. You can also visit the Training Hub at  https://vumc.org/myworkday/training-hub to view more What’s Happening? videos.