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Complete Making Health Care Personal – The Power of You today

Jun. 20, 2022, 2:46 PM

Celebrate the impact of each member of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) workforce with Making Health Care Personal: Our Shared Experience.

This new learning initiative kicks off this month by illustrating how all VUMC employees impact our patients, our colleagues and our mission.

Making Health Care Personal – The Power of You is the first installment in the initiative. It will roll out to leaders June 21 and to all employees beginning June 28 with an invitation from C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD, Deputy CEO and Chief Health System Officer, that confirms automatic enrollment.

This experience builds upon our Defining Personalized Care campaign by intentionally reflecting on the individual ways all VUMC employees make health care personal. ‘Average Jo’ adopted new behaviors on her journey toward becoming ‘Exceptional Jo’, and those behaviors incorporated by everyone at VUMC have had tremendous impact not only in our patients’ lives but also with our colleagues as well. Making Health Care Personal – The Power of You  celebrates that impact (available Here).

“Every day I see the meaningful connections that our team makes with patients,” said Pinson. “I receive emails and letters from patients expressing their gratitude for our care, and I listen to colleagues share inspirational stories of service and dedication in the many meetings I attend. Personalized care is both our ‘secret sauce’ and our power to deliver on our mission. This new initiative celebrates how we make health care personal through human connections and encourages us all to reflect on the impact we can make.”

“This initiative feels different than a traditional learning campaign,” said Claudia Fontaine, senior director of Learning and Development. “This first segment is one of thankfulness and gratitude. We want our colleagues to know they make health care personal every day, regardless of their role.

“Everyone has performed so amazingly during the pandemic and through the challenges that have followed. We want to encourage people to intentionally stop and reflect on how important and impactful they have been to our patients and our colleagues and give them a chance to share this with VUMC. We want to say thank you!”

Making Health Care Personal – The Power of You focuses on the importance and appreciation for all who work at VUMC. In 10 minutes or less:

  • Hear fellow colleagues describe in their own words how they make health care personal.
  • Listen to colleagues’ motivations, their “why” and their connections to each other, our patients, and to our mission.
  • Reflect on how we individually Make Health Care Personal and our own reasons for choosing to do that at VUMC.
  • Review a Leader Guide to help leaders facilitate discussions within their teams on the unique ways you Make Health Care Personal.

Whether you work in a hospital or clinic, in your VUMC office or from your home, you Make Health Care Personal by engaging, inspiring and delivering the experiences that make up Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Making Health Care Personal is a four-part series of experiences that will be released two to three times each year. Each installment highlights how VUMC employees continuously aspire to deliver individualized and valuable care to others. All are encouraged to complete this first installment by Sept. 30 (available Here)

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