June 29, 2022

MyWorkday Change Network convenes to begin discussing HR impacts

Nearly 900 members of the MyWorkday Change Network gathered last week at the June 22 virtual meeting to hear more about how the implementation of the new Workday software will affect Human Resources workflows and processes.

The discussion was led by Karen Rolling, senior director of HR administration, who spotlighted some crucial topics for the audience, including covering much of the lifecycle process of a typical employee. She touched on important processes, such as:

  • Recruitment and onboarding, including I-9 verification and entering federal and state tax information
  • Benefits enrollment and changes (note: Fall 2022 Open Enrollment will take place in VUMC’s legacy system, Benefits Express)
  • Job and pay rate changes, such as transfers or promotions
  • Termination processes

One key takeaway from the meeting was the move from VUMC’s several existing HR tools, such as C2HR, PeopleSoft, and SuccessFactors (Performance Central), to a single system, Workday. Both people managers and employees will appreciate the simplicity and consistent user experience of using one system for performing almost all their HR-related tasks.

Joining Rolling to lead the discussion were Senior Director of Learning and Development Claudia Fontaine and Director of Business Education Diana Ormsby. Ormsby led the audience through a demo of a manager’s recruitment dashboard and other key hiring information in Workday.

The Change Network attendees comprise both department readiness leads and change agents. They are tasked with communicating to and engaging with their local team members about the MyWorkday project. The goal of this meeting (as with all Change Network meetings for the program) was to educate the attendees about MyWorkday so they can pass information and support to their work areas.

Those interested can view the meeting recording and

While the MyWorkday project will touch in some way every employee of the Medical Center, a key point emphasized again was that information and training would be available to make sure that employees are knowledgeable and prepared for the changes. Employees can expect to see the new system later this fall.

In addition to the Change Network, information will be communicated in the form of the MyWorkday website, emails, town halls, training sessions and super users in each department, who will help with the transition. Videos featuring the MyWorkday “spokescloud,” MW, will be released every few weeks to highlight aspects of the project. These videos will be shared in MyVUMC and are available for viewing here. Again, these videos share highlights of the project and thorough training will be available prior to go live.

The MyWorkday project at VUMC involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. MyWorkday will transform VUMC’s business systems, bringing several benefits:

  • Modernizing and simplifying VUMC’s technology architecture by moving us away from a patchwork of outdated systems to truly integrated cloud-based solution
  • Giving VUMC more visibility into business data and making it easier to gain insights from that data
  • Supporting VUMC’s continued growth with best-in-class technology
  • Providing a streamlined, consistent, and modern user experience for a wide variety of business needs, including human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting, and research and grants

The next Change Network meeting is set for July 27. Because the HR topics are so expansive, Rolling will return to continue the discussion of HR impacts and processes in Workday. The team will also discuss the Super User plan and introduce the process of “cutover,” or how and when the transition from VUMC’s existing systems to Workday and Tecsys will take place.

To learn more, visit the MyWorkday website: https://www.vumc.org/myworkday.