July 18, 2022

Changes to Emergency Operations Subplan documents and submission announced

In accordance with The Joint Commission, Vanderbilt University Medical Center departments are required to annually review and update their departmental emergency operations subplans. These subplans are designed to help clinical and non-clinical departments with the following:

  • Provide staff and hospital leadership with information regarding the department’s scope of services and staffing requirements.
  • Provide employees with information about safety procedures in the instance of an adverse event or emergency.
  • Compile all pertinent paperwork and evacuation maps in one central location.
  • Maintain updated department contacts and call tree.

To simplify the annual submission process, the subplan documents have been compiled into one template that must be completed and submitted electronically. Updates have also been made to the Offsite Quick Reference Guide template. If your department has completed an Offsite Quick Reference Guide in the past, please review the updated template.

The new templates for both the subplan and offsite quick reference guide can be found on the Emergency Preparedness website at: https://www.vumc.org/emergency/vumc-tools-resources under the manager tool kit section.

All units are required to update their plans for the 2022-2023 fiscal year to the new templates.

If you need help completing your department subplan, entering the subplan electronically, or have questions regarding whether your unit needs to complete a quick reference guide document, please contact Alex Mindel at Alexandra.l.mindel@vumc.org.