August 2, 2022

Pause in Kanban rollout for Tecsys project

There is a project delay that will impact the installation of some hardware associated with the scheduled implementation for Tecsys, VUMC’s new point-of-use (POU) solution that is replacing Optiflex. This delay will not impact the schedule for the transition to using Tecsys’s software for ordering, receiving and billing for supplies in VUMC’s inpatient and procedural areas.

A primary reason for selecting Tecsys as VUMC’s preferred solution was its radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which is used to automatically trigger reorders for supplies. This RFID technology is on backorder, and it is not anticipated to get it in stock until late this winter after VUMC begins using the software portion of Tecsys on or around November 1.

Nevertheless, supply chain team members have been on-site in inpatient and procedural areas preparing rooms for the RFID solution, including installing new Kanban bins and non-RFID (static) boards. The team has received preliminary feedback from those areas already reconfigured that anticipated efficiency gains are not being realized without the RFID component. In fact, the new hardware installations are creating additional work for team members within the supply chain.

As such, the implementation of any additional Kanban and static boards will be delayed until the associated RFID solution is in stock. The supply chain team will focus current efforts on preparing affected employees to use the Tecsys software for ordering, receiving and billing for supplies in their areas. When the new technology is in stock, the rooms currently configured for Kanban will be outfitted, and then the team will proceed with the redesign and implementation for rooms on the original rollout plan.