August 16, 2022

eStar updates and changes on medical chaperones, more

Update PT and OT Patient List Columns to see most recent updates

VUAH providers, who have PT and OT columns in their Patient List, will need to remove the old PT and OT column (30400232) and add the add the new PT and OT column (30400345) to see PT/OT discharge recommendations in Patient List. This is required due to a recent Epic rebuild which modified PT and OT Patient List columns and will allow providers to display accurate PT and OT information in the Patient List view.

Using and documenting a medical chaperone

Clinical staff and providers can now access updated information on using a medical chaperone and documentation guidelines regarding using a medical chaperone for a sensitive exam.

A medical chaperone should be used whenever a sensitive exam will be performed. The name of a chaperone should be documented in a note if within an ambulatory setting and in a nursing flowsheet if within an inpatient setting.

Patient refusal of a medical chaperone should be documented. Emergency medical care is not to be impeded by this policy.

Please view the following resources:

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See Using and Documenting a Medical Chaperone – Nursing

View Medical Chaperone Policy

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