August 19, 2022

Significant In Basket and scheduling changes coming with eStar update Sept. 11

eStar will be updated on Sept. 11 and will require a 2.5-hour downtime to ensure changes are applied. There will be significant changes coming to In Basket and scheduling tools. Please view the In Basket video resources located on the eStar Upgrades website and eStar 2022 Q3 Release In Basket Guide to the Galaxy to prepare.

Please review the information below to ensure you and your teams are prepared for the changes you will see once the update is complete.

Leaders/Managers: What to Do

  1. Download/View Materials
  1. Prepare Your Teams
  • Identify the Guides to the Galaxy applicable to your area (see below)
  • Designate area for staff to review changes in Playground
  • Review executive summaries or discuss talking points in staff or department meetings

End Users: How to Prepare

  1. Review your Guide to the Galaxy

Each guide contains an overview of the changes based on role. Users should review the Guide to the Galaxy most appropriate for your role and eStar 2022 Q1 Release In Basket Guide to the Galaxy (all Guides are stored in Hubbl):

  1. Practice in the Playground

Spend some time in the eStar playground – review the Playground Quick Start Guide for more information.

Information is also available at