September 9, 2022

Box migration to begin in December

Many employees at VUMC use Box, a cloud content management solution, to store, share and collaborate on files. In December 2022, Box content will begin migrating primarily to Microsoft services. Any content that does not align well with OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

The Box Migration initiative will:

  • Consolidate day-to-day collaboration content
  • Reduce the need to jump between disparate services
  • Likely decrease the number of collaboration tools that must be maintained and supported

The process for migrating content from Box will begin in December 2022 and will be centrally managed by the VUMC IT Cloud Services team.

Broadly speaking, individual content will move to OneDrive for Business, and organizational Box content will move to SharePoint Online.

In this interim period before active migrations begin, users who need to set up new cloud-based content or a collaboration site should do so using Microsoft services instead of using Box. This will help make the migration easier for everyone.

What to expect:

To prepare for migration activities, Box users (and their leaders) will receive:

  1. Announcement communication
  2. Survey to assess Box content and help drive storage recommendations
  3. Box migration schedule
  4. Targeted migration communications

Please refer to the Box Migration website for more information, including a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and keep a lookout for additional details on this migration work.