September 12, 2022

Why use Zoom when you have Microsoft Teams?

VUMC has made the decision to discontinue Zoom for general conferencing use and transition to Microsoft Teams by March, 2023. This is being driven primarily by our need to reduce duplicate services, improve security, and standardize support.

  • Improved document management and sharing
  • Integrated planning tools
  • Search capability across MS Exchange, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive

The Epic integrated Telehealth component will be addressed by HealthIT.

To get Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing:

Go to the VUMC Software Store today and download Teams audio conferencing free of charge to start your transition. Watch this video about how to order Teams Audio Conferencing in Microsoft 365.

To Prepare for the Transition:

NOTE: If your department has a valid business requirement to retain Zoom and you believe you qualify for an exception, please take this survey.