September 28, 2022

Free ear plugs coming to Farmers’ Market Oct. 6 & 27

Look for Vanderbilt Audiology students handing out free ear plugs at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday, Oct. 6 and 27.

October is National Audiology Awareness Month and Vanderbilt’s Division of Audiology reminds you to protect your hearing and get your hearing checked if you are experiencing any difficulties. Good hearing is important for staying connected with others and staying safe. Hearing loss is also a risk factor for some health problems:

· Untreated hearing loss can impact the brain and cognitive health. Untreated hearing loss is now considered a risk factor for dementia.

· There is a link between untreated hearing loss and risk of falls. An increase in hearing loss is associated with a three-fold increase in fall risk.

One quarter of all hearing loss is caused by noise exposure. Lengthy or repeated exposure to noise above 85 decibels, about the level of a lawn mower, can damage hearing. The simplest way to protect your hearing if you cannot avoid loud sounds is to wear hearing protection. An audiologist can help you identify the right hearing protection for you including custom hearing protection that can provide a comfortable fit and good sound quality.

The four main ways for protecting your hearing are:

E – earplugs

A – avoid loud sounds

R – reduce the level of sounds

S – shorten time in loud environments