October 7, 2022

Latest meeting of MyWorkday Change Network focuses on multiple key topics  

Each month, the MyWorkday Change Network gathers virtually to get detailed information and updates on the enterprise-wide program. The most recent meeting took place on Sept. 27 and was attended by nearly 850 employees.

Adam Lange, executive director for the MyWorkday program, provided a project update. This included the team’s current focus, as well as upcoming large milestones in system testing, system integrations, and go-live readiness. He also specifically touched on the Workday Adaptive Planning, our new budgeting and forecasting tool, which has a separate timeline from the rest of the project and will have a staggered go live in 2023: capital planning on Apr. 1, 2023, and the reminder launching summer of 2023.

In addition to sharing information on timelines specific for the Change Network members, Assistant Director for Change Management Julie Slick led the attendees through some suggested ideas for keeping teams across VUMC engaged about the MyWorkday program, including:

  • Catching up on Change Network videos
  • Sharing Change Network decks
  • Including one of the short “MW” videos in a staff meeting
  • Continuing to direct questions to myworkday@vumc.org

Continuing the conversation was Director of Business Education Diana Ormsby, who discussed organizational structures within Workday. Organizations with Workday are a fundamental building block for managing all types of information within the system. These structures leverage hierarchies, roles, and security. Ormsby also showed a demo of both the Workday and the Tecsys systems.

The attendees were then joined by Yolanda Redmond, vice president of supply chain, who gave more insight into the purchasing process that will take place in Workday. She noted that after April 1, 2023, VUMC clinics that are currently using Pathways Materials Management will start using Workday for ordering medical supplies, while the ordering process will take place in Tecsys for areas that currently use Optiflex (inpatient areas, operating rooms, procedural areas, and emergency departments).

Also joining the speaker panel was Senior Director of Learning and Development Claudia Fontaine, who highlighted more information about the Tecsys implementation, focusing on the “day in the life” testing that will take place on three occasions beginning in early November.

The Change Network attendees comprise both department readiness leads and change agents. They are tasked with communicating to and engaging with their local team members about the MyWorkday project. The goal of this meeting (as with all Change Network meetings for the program) was to educate the attendees about MyWorkday so they can pass information and support to their work areas.

Those interested can view the meeting recording and They can also visit the MyWorkday Change Network webpage for access to resources from previous meetings.

In addition to the Change Network, information will be communicated in the form of the MyWorkday website, emails, town halls, via training sessions and super users in each department, who will help with the transition. Videos featuring the MyWorkday “spokescloud,” MW, will be released every few weeks to highlight aspects of the project. These videos will be shared in MyVUMC and are available for viewing here. Again, these videos share highlights of the project and thorough training will be available prior to go live in 2023.

The MyWorkday project at VUMC involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. MyWorkday will transform VUMC’s business systems, bringing several benefits:

  • Modernizing and simplifying VUMC’s technology architecture by moving us away from a patchwork of outdated systems to truly integrated cloud-based solution
  • Giving VUMC more visibility into business data and making it easier to gain insights from that data
  • Supporting VUMC’s continued growth with best-in-class technology
  • Providing a streamlined, consistent, and modern user experience for a wide variety of business needs, including human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting, and research and grants

The next Change Network meeting is set for Oct. 26.

To learn more, visit the MyWorkday website: https://www.vumc.org/myworkday.