October 7, 2022

“What can I do to address racial equity in my work area?” Sign up for one of the Oct. 19 CHAT Room Series meetings

A consistent question on the minds of VUMC community members is “As an individual, what can I do to address racial equity in my work area?” One answer is by signing up today for the upcoming CHAT Room Series, a monthly conversation that connects all members of the VUMC Community to discuss, bravely share and learn how each of us can make a difference.

The Oct.19 installment of the CHAT Room Series offers two convenient sessions – 7 a.m. and noon. The upcoming session will feature representatives from key departments responsible for goals outlined in the Racial Equity Plan. Participants will have the opportunity to find out what initiatives are underway, ask questions, and learn what role they can play in bringing the Racial Equity Plan to life.

Each CHAT Room session models VUMC Credo behavior of maintaining a respectful and encouraging environment for all. While the focus areas change month to month, each CHAT Room Session delves into a different topic, includes various guest speakers and concludes with key takeaways and a call to action. All participants leave with greater knowledge and the ability to apply those learnings in their everyday work and outside of work lives.

Make sure to RSVP once you are connected to the VUMC VPN.

To sign up for the 7 a.m. CHAT room session, click here.

To sign up for the noon CHAT room session, click here.