November 8, 2022

Break the Silence: sign up for Nov. 16 CHAT Room Series

An essential theme throughout VUMC’s Racial Equity Plan is growth. To become an organization where inclusion is a hallmark requires introspection, discomfort, and curiosity. It also requires employees having honest conversations with one another in the spirit of greater awareness and understanding. That’s why this month’s CHAT Room Series installment will focus on tools and tips, so that employees can have sometimes uncomfortable and more frequently productive conversations.

The third installment in this popular series sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is titled: “Break the Silence: Speaking Up and Practicing Self-Advocacy. All members of the VUMC Community are invited to attend in the spirit of learning and growing on the collective journey to VUMC becoming a more inclusive organization.

The Nov. 16 installment of the CHAT Room Series offers two sessions – 7 a.m. and noon. The upcoming session will discuss the importance of self-advocacy within unfriendly environments, how to gain confidence to set boundaries and speak up and act for yourself and others.

Each CHAT Room session models VUMC Credo behavior of maintaining a respectful and encouraging environments for all. While the focus areas change month to month, each CHAT Room Session delves into a different topic, includes various guest speakers, formats, and concludes with key takeaways and a call to action. All participants leave with greater knowledge and the ability to apply those learnings in their everyday work and outside of work lives.

RSVP for one of the Wednesday, Nov. 16 sessions:

7 a.m.: