November 15, 2022

eStar Update: outside medical records now show banner


Why: Promote visibility of newly scanned Outside Medical Records to ensure pertinent medical information is reviewed
What: Adding an inpatient ‘Patient has New Scanned Outside Medical Records’ banner to the ‘Provider Clinical Overview Report’ for Outside Medical Records
When: November 16, 2022
Who: All inpatient clinicians
  • Any admitted patient with a newly scanned Outside Medical Record will trigger the banner for 24 hours
  • Click the banner to land in the Media Tab

  • Find and review pertinent Outside Medical Records as needed
  • The banner will disappear after 24-hours automatically
Recommended Action(s) Review Outside Medical Records as needed



Remember! The banner will fire each time a new Outside Medical document type is scanned into eStar and remain in place for 24-hours

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