November 18, 2022

eStar Update: Telehealth visits move to Epic Telehealth Nov. 30


Why: The move to Epic Telehealth will improve the telehealth experience for both the patient and the clinician. They will no longer have to download a separate application and the integration with Epic will improve functionality with a more seamless workflow.



Telehealth visits will now use Epic Telehealth.  VUMC will no longer rely on Zoom for telehealth visits except in rare cases. You may also use Epic Telehealth with Haiku and Canto.




November 30, 2022 as clinics open




All outpatient clinicians conducting telehealth visits with their patients.  There is no current plan to use Epic Telehealth for inpatient services.




Using Epic Telehealth Tip Sheet

Practicing a Telehealth Visit Tip Sheet

Detailed Videos on how to use Epic Telehealth


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