November 18, 2022

VUH lobby renovation: Some elevators are temporarily closed

The Vanderbilt University Hospital lobby renovation that began in January 2022 is nearing its final stages. As many as three of the eight visitor elevators will be offline for up to five weeks while the construction team renovates the lobby floors and ceilings.

Crews started in the visitor elevator lobby in concert with other work related to the main lobby renovation. By working on the first and second floors simultaneously, each elevator is impacted only once. Service elevators are not affected at this time.

VUMC Planning, Design and Construction designed this process to minimize downtime and inconvenience to all. On-site signs clearly show which elevators are operational and which are closed due to construction.

A second phase of elevator work begins approximately in early December and will take up to five weeks to complete. The lobby renovation is on track for completion in mid-to-late February.