January 18, 2023

VUMC Finance website migration: bookmark the new address

The VUMC Office of Finance has a new website: www.vumc.org/finance/welcome.

The VUMC Office of Finance website has recently undergone a series of changes. In January 2022, the migration and remediation of the legacy Finance website content to a new platform was initiated to better support a remote workforce. The changes focused on providing self-service options for Finance-specific tasks. The implementation was completed in phases requiring dual management of both systems over the course of the year.

The website finance.vumc.org has been retired and replaced with a new website and new address. To help with this transition, please save/bookmark the new URL: www.vumc.org/finance/welcome. To search for the website, type “VUMC Finance Welcome” into the search bar for the new site to generate as the first result.

For any technical assistance or help finding a Financial System within the new environment, please follow the instructions on the “Help” page.

In spring 2023, please anticipate additional changes to be made in alignment with MyWorkday requirements and cutover.