January 26, 2023

Reminder: Medical Center plaza is no-vehicle zone

The Medical Center plaza, which is designed for pedestrians passing between VUMC buildings, is a no-vehicle zone.

The use of electric scooters has been increasing after a pandemic lull, and that, combined with motorized skateboards and bicycle traffic, has resulted in more vehicles traveling through pedestrian areas.

This endangers the safety of patients, families and employees, especially since many people using the plaza are older, may have mobility issues due to medical conditions, or may be frail.

Signs on the plaza, posted by VUMC Parking and Transportation Services, note that all vehicles, including bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and mopeds must be walked, not ridden, through the area.

Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant mobility assistance devices have always been, and continue to be, allowed on the plaza.

See the map below for alternative routes around the plaza: