January 27, 2023

Applications open for Integrated Science Courses faculty lead; deadline is Feb. 17

The Immersion Phase is a two-year highly individualized learning experience for third- and fourth-year medical students. The Integrated Science Courses (ISCs) were designed specifically to deepen students’ foundational science knowledge within a meaningful clinical context during this phase. In addition to creating proximity between basic and clinical sciences, the ISCs aim to achieve cognitive conceptual links between foundational and clinical sciences by making explicit and specific connections between the two domains. There are currently 17 four-week ISCs and students are required to take four of these courses to meet graduation requirements. For more information about the Immersion Phase, please visit http://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/curriculum/immersion/.

Job description

The ISC Faculty Lead will:

  1. Design and lead faculty development for ISC directors, including monthly ISC meetings and an annual ISC director retreat
  2. Collaborate with ISC directors on course innovations and scholarship
  3. Lead the ISC quality improvement process jointly with Immersion Phase leadership and the Master Science Teachers.
  4. Work with the ISC Program Coordinator to provide ongoing support for ISC directors
  5. Have practical experience in and passion for scientific inquiry and research

Interested individuals must be a faculty member at VU or VUMC. Please provide a CV that highlights your experience in scientific inquiry and education, plus a 500-word statement of interest that includes a vision for the role and how your experiences can add to the team and curriculum. Submissions due to immersion.phase@vanderbilt.edu by Friday, Feb. 17.

The position will provide 5% annualized effort until July 1, 2023 (during a transitional period where you will work with the current ISC Lead) and 10% annualized effort thereafter. Start date is flexible but after March 1, 2023.

Please reach out with any questions to the current ISC faculty lead, Kim Dahlman, PhD, at kim.dahlman@vumc.org.