January 31, 2023

eStar update: changes to hospice work flow

This eStar update covers recent Hospice in Place changes:


Why: To update workflows to reflect recent Hospice in Place changes (formally Hospice Scatterbed).
What: Creating a new Hospice in Place consult order, changing Hospice orderable naming conventions, reconfiguring Hospice FYI Flags, and retiring Hospice orders that are no longer applicable.
When: January 25, 2023
Who: Adult VUH.

New orderable:

  • Now use ‘Inpatient Consult to Hospice (Palliative Care Team for Hospice in Place)’ [CON11204] to consult the Hospice in Place team, not ‘Inpatient Consult to Palliative Care’

Name Changes:

  • ‘Admit to Hospice Scatter Bed’ [ADT301] is now ‘Admit to Hospice in Place’
  • ‘Hospice Scatter Bed Panel (aka Palliative Care)’ is now ‘Hospice in Place Panel’


Hospice FYI Flags:

  • ‘Admit to Hospice in Place’ [ADT301] will trigger a Hospice in Place FYI Flag upon signature


  • ‘AMB Referral to Home Hospice’ [REF35] will no longer trigger a Hospice FYI Flag


Order and list removals:

  • §  ‘Inpatient Referral to Hospice’ [CON41] will be removed

o   Its associated patient list, ‘Hospice,’ will be removed

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