January 31, 2023

Kickoff meeting for Super Users highlights new stage of MyWorkday program

With Workday and Tecsys going live on April 1, 2023, the MyWorkday program has entered a new phase as it approaches this important date for VUMC. On this date, every single member of the VUMC community will be impacted by the introduction of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys.

To help ensure that the implementation is a success, nearly 2,000 Super Users have been identified from departments all over VUMC. These Super Users are an integral part of the MyWorkday Change Network. In this role, the Super Users will:

  • Take training early and provide feedback to improve its utility
  • Serve as champions of the MyWorkday program
  • Support their team members during the transition period by answering questions and helping colleagues using Workday for the first time

The Super Users gathered for the first time on Jan. 10, 2023, for the MyWorkday Super User Kickoff meeting. During this event, they were oriented by the project team to their important role, the responsibilities of a Super User, and the unique and early access they will get to training and the practice environment.

Super Users had the opportunity to ask questions throughout the event—and were offered additional detail on how they will be supported throughout the program.

As of the kickoff meeting, all MyWorkday Super Users have been identified by leaders throughout the organization. No new Super Users will be added to better manage the group. A new Super User will only be considered if a current one leaves VUMC.

The MyWorkday Super Users will primarily focus on the implementation of the Workday system. A separate group known as “at-the-elbow” support will be dedicated for the new point-of-use system, Tecsys (this group is still open for interested new members).

Employees can determine who their MyWorkday Super User is by visiting the MyWorkday website (vumc.org/myworkday): MyWorkday Super User lookup

Clinical employees can also determine their Tecsys at-the-elbow support team member here: (new members may be added directly to the list):

The MyWorkday project at VUMC involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. MyWorkday will transform VUMC’s business systems, bringing several benefits:

  • Modernizing and simplifying VUMC’s technology architecture by moving us away from a patchwork of outdated systems to truly integrated cloud-based solution
  • Giving VUMC more visibility into business data and making it easier to gain insights from that data
  • Supporting VUMC’s continued growth with best-in-class technology
  • Providing a streamlined, consistent, and modern user experience for a wide variety of business needs, including human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting, and research and grants

To learn more, visit the MyWorkday website: https://www.vumc.org/myworkday.