February 6, 2023

eStar update: Cologuard can be ordered in eStar

Why: Simplify ordering and finding results of Cologuard tests.
What: Cologuard can now be ordered seamlessly in eStar.
When: February 7, 2023
Who: Outpatient providers performing Colorectal Cancer Screening.
  • Cologuard orders placed in eStar are now automatically transmitted to Exact Sciences Lab.
  • Patients receive instructions on the AVS when the order is placed.
  • The Cologuard kit is mailed from the vendor to the patient.
  • The kit is returned to the vendor by the patient for analysis.
  • Results will come to your In Basket.
  • Health Maintenance (HM) Note: Cologuard orders placed by VUMC providers will apply and satisfy the CRCS: FIT-fecal DNA Health Maintenance topic once the result is received. A red banner in Health Maintenance alerts clinicians to positive results for both internal and external results.

Find additional information about the new Cologuard order composer, including AVS instructions for patients, in the Tipsheet.

Questions? Call to Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357)