February 21, 2023

View the MyWorkday Change Impacts Report

Want to know more about the changes expected with the MyWorkday program? A great source of information is the MyWorkday Change Impact Analysis, which informs all Workday and Tecsys end users about upcoming changes that may result in the need for changes to existing workflows.

The analysis summarizes key changes in workflows and business processes to help determine gaps between current and future states for end users (note: changes that impact central office staff only (HR, Finance, Supply Chain) are not included in this document).

The report categorizes the change impacts by category: HR, finance, supply chain, and research and grants. Each change impact is color-coded—red, yellow, and green—by the degree of change (red means a higher level of change).

The report is available on the MyWorkday website. Employees can also learn more about other aspects of the program at https://www.vumc.org/myworkday.