February 28, 2023

Featured MyWorkday FAQs: performance evaluation and what current tools will not change

Q: With the move to Workday, will our performance evaluation cycle change?

No, our current performance evaluation cycle and basic timing will remain the same. Annual performance evaluations will now be captured in Workday rather than Performance Central. Look for more information after Go Live about performance evaluations.

Q: It feels like we are getting rid of a lot of old systems with the MyWorkday projects—are any of our current tools remaining after April 1?

Yes, we will continue to use several systems, including:

  • PolicyTech
  • Compliance Portal
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • The Learning Exchange
  • FSA account management
  • iLab
  • VandyWorks
  • PEER
  • Kronos Workforce Analytics
  • eSmart