February 28, 2023

MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: Requesting Paid Time Off

The implementation of Workday will bring a significant change for many employees at VUMC: requesting Paid Time Off in advance. Employees who do not currently use Vandyworks will use the Workday system for requesting scheduled PTO.

Exempt employees will no longer use Kronos for managing their PTO—they will instead use Workday for requesting, recording, and viewing their PTO.

Because non-exempt/hourly paid employees will continue to use Kronos for recording their time (either via time clocks or the “Timestamp” feature in the web application), they will record PTO within a current pay period in Kronos. Time off requested outside a pay period should be done via Workday.

Any employee currently using Vandyworks will continue to use that system as usual.

Data from Vandyworks and Kronos will feed into Workday. All leave balances will be available in Workday.

More information is available in this short video.