February 28, 2023

Zoom to Teams: Make sure you are prepared for Zoom access to be removed on March 16

The deadline for Zoom license expiration is quickly approaching. All Zoom Licensed Subscriptions and Zoom Basic Subscriptions will expire on March 16. As a result, you will no longer have access to previously scheduled meetings and previously saved Zoom meeting recordings after the licenses expire.

If you have not done so already, it is important to act now and transition to Microsoft Teams to ensure there is no interruption in your planned meetings. Also, if you would like to keep your previously saved Zoom meeting recordings, you must act now and download and save the recordings.

The Zoom to Teams initiative will:

  • Reduce the operational cost for the organization.
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing the number of collaboration tools.

What you need to do: 

Take the following actions to ensure you do not have an interruption in future scheduled meetings, and to ensure your previously recorded meetings are retained and accessible after Zoom licenses expire.

  1. Use Microsoft Teams to reschedule Zoom meetings that you have scheduled by following the instructions in the link here.
  2. Download Zoom meeting recordings, if needed, to an alternate storage location outside of Zoom before March 16 by following the instructions here.
  3. Get online Microsoft Teams training and find out more information about effectively using Microsoft Teams here.

After you complete the above actions, you should be ready for a Microsoft Teams meeting experience that is comparable, and in some cases more desirable, than Zoom.

What else to expect: 

You will not need a Zoom subscription to join a Zoom call or meeting.

If you get Zoom Pro from Vanderbilt University or if you purchase Zoom personally, the subscription will NOT be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant.

VUMC IT’s goal is to provide the VUMC workforce with the information needed to smoothly transition from Zoom to Teams.  If you need help with any of the steps to successfully transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams, please contact the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357) or submit a Pegasus ticket.