March 3, 2023

Featured MyWorkday FAQs: Managers and delegating tasks

Q: Can I delegate tasks within Workday if I will be on PTO?

Yes, delegation for certain tasks is available within Workday and is limited to 16 weeks. It cannot be used for a permanent transfer of responsibilities. You can delegate tasks to a peer or a superior within your team (“supervisory organization”) with no approval required. Delegating to a subordinate will require approval. More information is available on delegation in this short video.

Q: How will managers use Workday?

Managers will initiate, own, and complete many administrative supervisory tasks within Workday—this gives them greater visibility and control of the tasks and data for which they are ultimately responsible. Some manager tasks include:

  • Viewing position information of direct reports
  • Reviewing and approving time off requests
  • Initiating job changes and new hire requisitions
  • Approving expense reports
  • Managing performance evaluations