March 3, 2023

Updated eStar lookback times to improve system performance


Why: To improve eStar system performance when loading flowsheets, saving flowsheet data, and loading inpatient provider notes.

Who: Users who access the Flowsheet and Inpatient Notes activities.

What: eStar system performance improvement with reduced lookback time to 365 days for providers and 30 days for inpatient nurses in inpatient notes activity and flowsheet activity within an encounter.

When: March 1, 2023


Flowsheets and inpatient notes activity will have updated lookback times of 365 days (for providers) and 30 days (for inpatient nurses). This means that documentation older than 365 days for providers/30 days for inpatient nurses will not be viewable in that activity.


To find notes, navigate to the Chart Review tab, select the Notes tab, and use Filters to more easily find the notes of interest.



To find flowsheet/MAR and other data from a prior admission:

  • Select Chart Review, Filter by Admissions, single click on the desired admission encounter, and select the Encounter button.



To find flowsheet/MAR and other data from a prior outpatient encounter:

  • Select Chart Review, Select the Encounters tab, Single click on the desired outpatient encounter, and select the Encounter button – you must create an addendum if the visit is signed.



Users logged in to an outpatient department will have the Synopsis activity (either a tab or access from the Encounters tab in Chart Review). Find flowsheet data, lab results, etc.

Select Synopsis and your preferred view – maybe a timeline view, and enter the lookback time frame containing the data you want to see. You can get to synopsis several ways (see screenshots).




Please utilize chart review when historical documentation is not found in the notes or flowsheet activity.


Questions?: Call the Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357)